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Crystal Hoyt is a Country Recording Artist and Songwriter. For the past 3 years she has toured the country as part of the country trio Trailer Choir. (She has recently gone solo) "Earlier this year I was recovering from a surgery, and I was just BORED! I began writing every day. I started thinking about all the questions that I would get asked on the road the last few years. I had become quite a "do-it-yourself" girl with hair, make-up, fashion and fitness. I never mind giving away my tips. Since I supported myself as a make-up artist for years before making it in music, there will be lots of beauty tips and advice. I will share advice on fitness, and travel. I love wine, shoes, cooking and shopping, so I'm sure that you will see plenty about all of that here too. Basically, I'll be sharing info on just about anything I enjoy or I'm curious about. And of course I will be taking you along for the ride on my musical journey! Hope you enjoy - Knowing me, I'm sure it'll be an interesting one!" To view full bio - Please visit www.crystalhoyt.com

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things! JUST A Tiny Bit Less Glamorous Than Oprah...

So, in the spirit of one of my favorite shows, and greatest inspirations,  Oprah,   I have decided to create a list of my favorite things this month.(After all, her show did inspire me to pack up and move to Nashville)

Now,  I'll warn you, it's a little less glamorous than Oprah. There are no FREE giveaways (yet), and you may not react this way when reading it... -

But it's full of fun, and useful information all the same!  So here are the



Woooo FRIGGIN' Whooooooo!  This has been MONTH's in the making! Thanks so much to my friends Lauren Johnston & Jimmy Thorn for the graphic work, and to my friend Eric Scism for being the ultimate WEB MASTER and getting this all wrapped up in time for CMA FEST!!!! 

2. ALL of these wonderful little beauty items!

Left To Right -
A. Essie Nail Polish in Watermelon - Painted my little "Piggies" this color for Summer and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It's the Perfect summer "Pop of Color".  Get it here -Buy Essie Polish
B. Flirty Little Secret Firming Bronzer by Victoria's Secret. Now anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE me some body bronzer... and throw some firming agents in... um, I'm S-O-L-D!  Get it here - Buy Body Bronzer
C. Tan Towel - I've tried these before and forgot how awesome these are when you are in a hurry to get just a little extra color... and you don't have to be in any way skilled at self tanning to use them. You won't get a LOT of color... just a hint of bronze. Perfect for a beginner... And my favorite feature - You can use it on your face too!  Buy Tan Towel Here
D. Sugar Free Jello! At only 10 calories a serving, I can attempt to drown late night cravings with a couple of these guys if needed and they are GREAT for Hangovers... not that I would know ANYTHING about those???  Find them at your fave grocery store or market!
E. Lancome Progres (pronounced "Pro-Gray") Eye Cream. This has been my favorite eye cream for over 10 years. (Let's just say I started using it practically out of high school :)  and I still SWEAR by it! Here's the only  problem... it's been around so long, that you have to know to ask for it by name at most department stores... It's not cheap, but it lasts FOREVER, and it's worth more than 10 of the one's you could find anywhere else. 
F. Dry Shampoo - For the girl OR GUY on the go - who can't/shouldn't wash their hair daily... this stuff is crucial! I don't know how I lived without it... and I can't wait to introduce my mom to it since her hair is growing back after chemo. You can go 2-3 days without washing, and most importantly BLOW DRYING with this little gem! Buy Dry Shampoo Here

3. Beer Can Chicken 

So, not that I'm suggesting that drinking the actual beer itself is healthy, but the CHICK-CAN is! My mom gave us one of these racks and we found a great recipe here: Beer Can Chicken On The Food Network It's super easy, super cheap, and delicious. We make it ALL the time now !

And if you play your cards right...Playing with your food, can be FUN! :)

4. Wine, and Wine Accessories...

I just "rediscovered" this  '08 Louis Latour Grand Ardeche Chardonnay.  It is a "catch"... Well, at approx $12.99 a bottle, it's actually a steal!

And I WISH I could remember where THIS came from! I't a bottle stopper/pour'er all in one. The clamp at the bottom turns it into a bottle stopper that seals in the freshness and flavor of the wine, but wait! Just flip the clamp up, and you have a fantastic pouring agent.  For the SUPER LAZY wine enthusiast, who just can't be bothered to remove the wine stopper... it's a MUST!

5. Lavender Epsom Salt  Bath Soak  - I have been hitting the workouts pretty hard these days to play catch up for a few month of "slightly slacking" , and let me tell you... nothing is  more relaxing or better for swollen, potentially SORE muscles than this soak. I get mine at Walgreens.

6. It's S.S.S Time again! My love for Slight Slutty Shoes hasn't gone away - and if I've learned anything from Dolly, it never will! I wore these when I performed on the Billy Block Show last week, and they made me feel like a million! I wanted to cut my pinky toes off by the time I got home - but it was worth it!

Here's a video of the show where I was rockin' these bad boys!

7. Couture goes Trailer! 
I love the Beckham's, but is it just me or does Victoria look like she's possibly auditioning to be a new cast member on Jersey Shore these days? Or better yet... maybe she's going for Trailer Park Chic? hmmm.. either way, I think it's fun, haha! :) And makes me feel a little more justified in my sometimes "less than understated" fashion choices.

8. Homemade Protein Bars! These taste decent...they are easy to make, it's less expensive than pre-packaged bars, and you end up with very few fillers or preservatives!
Get the recipe here...
Do It Yourself- Protein Bars

Well there ya have it! Sorry I didn't have the give away's that make you make a complete A$$ of yourself on national TV, but I hope you enjoyed it, and that it maybe even made you smile a time or two!


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