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Sunday, February 13, 2011

National Anthem Performance And An Awesome Night With Friends

This will have to be brief today. LOTS to do.

But I will share a bit about my evening last night.

I started the night by performing the National Anthem at the sold out (17,000 plus) Nashville Predators Hockey game against the Colorado Avalanche. The Preds won, and my "streak" continues. The last 17 anthems that I have been a part of performing has brought a victory for the home team... Now I'm not saying I'm the lucky charm, but I like to think that maybe there is something to this "Streak"!

I then had a quick change to dress up a bit, and then it was OFF to Maggiano's Little Italy for my best friend Dan's party that he had planned for his partner Victor's 50th Birthday.

It was a BLAST! We consumed a LOT of food and wine... and laughed a LOT!!!! I think we scared off most of the patrons with our volume!

With Charlie and Brian

Dan and Victor with Victors sister and her husband

Me and Victor - Happy Birthday VIC!

I then went out to see my friends Kelly and Amy and our buddies, who had all been at the Hockey game earlier... and we proceeded to play all the 80's music the jukebox had to offer... and make complete fools of ourselves. And we LOVED every minute of it!
With my very good friends Amy and Kelly

With Amy and my Kell-Bell!
 I also ran into my new friends Lee Ann and Tyler at Decades, where there was more dancing to 80's music...
With my new friends Lee Ann and Tyler

I got home really late and slept in today to recover... Now I need a major shower, and I'm getting ready to support my friends who are nominated for Grammy's tonight.

Great weekend!

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