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Crystal Hoyt is a Country Recording Artist and Songwriter. For the past 3 years she has toured the country as part of the country trio Trailer Choir. (She has recently gone solo) "Earlier this year I was recovering from a surgery, and I was just BORED! I began writing every day. I started thinking about all the questions that I would get asked on the road the last few years. I had become quite a "do-it-yourself" girl with hair, make-up, fashion and fitness. I never mind giving away my tips. Since I supported myself as a make-up artist for years before making it in music, there will be lots of beauty tips and advice. I will share advice on fitness, and travel. I love wine, shoes, cooking and shopping, so I'm sure that you will see plenty about all of that here too. Basically, I'll be sharing info on just about anything I enjoy or I'm curious about. And of course I will be taking you along for the ride on my musical journey! Hope you enjoy - Knowing me, I'm sure it'll be an interesting one!" To view full bio - Please visit www.crystalhoyt.com

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shimmery Bronze Smokey Eyes!

Well, You will get a little bit of everything I'm into here in this blog... The next blog I will post will deal with Fitness and Nutrition since (6 weeks after surgery)I am finally able to get back into my regular practice of working out again... which I started LAST NIGHT - and I sit here now with a VERY, VERY sore behind in a hard wooden chair typing at this very moment. :)

TODAY however - You are going to get another fun - VERY detailed tutorial on creating a


I am getting a little more skilled with filming and editing this, so this video will give you a few more up close and personal details of how to create this look...

For those of you who are afraid of going with the full BLACK or CHARCOAL smokey eye, this is a beautiful alternative.

What you will need...

- A Neutral Cream Eyeshadow or a Neutral Eyeshadow Base
-Loose or Pressed Powder to set
- An assortment of loose or pressed shimmery eyeshadows in shades ranging from Cream or Beige to Gold, to bronze to Dark Brown
- Several Blending brushes
-Creamy Black or Black/Brown eyeliner
-And eyeliner brush, preferably angled
-Black Matte Powder Eyeshadow/Eyeliner
-BLACK mascara - and False Eyelashes are optional

- You MUST properly conceal under eye circles and discoloration (and we ALL have these, if we are over the age of 13!!!) to pull off a smokey eye!!!! Do not assume that using your foundation alone here is enough coverage.
Chanel Under Eye Concealer

- Start with a NEAUTRAL CREAM EYESHADOW or an EYESHADOW BASE! Dark colors need to go on a completely neutral canvas. We all get discoloration in our eyelids because the skin is so thin there... so be sure to even the color with a Cream eyeshadow or an eyeshadow base. This also helps the powder shadows STAY ON LONGER by giving them something other than skin oils to hold onto (which eventually lead to creasing and smearing) And never forget to SET your cream shadows or Eyeshadow base with a little powder to keep them from "grabbing" the color too strongly when first applied. 
Eyeshadow base by Lancome

- Always warm up colors on your hand or a tissue before applying to your eyes... and I always apply dark color with  a firm brush, and blend with a completely separate blending brush. This gives you so much more control of the darker colors.

Eye Shadow Brushes

Here are more detailed pictures of some of my favorite products that I used to create this look, as well as products I enjoy using to create different versions of this look...

Mac Loose Pigments

Victoria's Secret Highlighting Powder

Victoria's Secret Brilliant Shimmer Shadow

Maybelline Eye Studio Shadow Quad

I love to wear this look, and have worn this on MANY an occasion both on and off stage. The photo I'm using at the end of this video is from the CMA Awards Show Dog- Universal After Party this year - I wore this look to compliment my gold/sage After Party Dress compliments of Bebe.

Enjoy creating your own Sexy Smokey Shimmery Bronze Eye Look!

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