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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ladies, PLEASE Respect The Power Of The Shoe!

Last night I was invited to be a part of an event at one of my favorite places to have a good time in Nashville... Club MAI. I was a guest at  the "Touch Of Blush" Fashion Show . The production of this event was very well done. The clothes, shoes, and accesories were from "Blush Boutique", which is one of my favorite places to shop in Nashville. (Very reasonable prices, good service, and unique choices) 

Now here is where I had an issue with the Fashion Show...Almost ALL of the said "Models" could not walk in heels!!!!!

Anyone who knows me , knows that I have a slight SHOE obsession. I would seriously almost identify it as an ISSUE. But at the same time, I also say that my fixation with shoes and boots is equally therapeutic.  If I'm having a bad day, finding an amazing pair of platform stilettos on sale topped off with a good glass of wine can cure almost any problem...

My obsession began early...

When I was little I could not WAIT to wear high heels... It started with my favorite pair of my mom's shoes.  I was in LOVE with her red, Candies slides.
They looked almost exactly like this...

I would wear them around the house 7 sizes to big for me... And pray for the day when I could grow into a pair of my own.

Well, I grew alright... all the way to nice sturdy size 9 1/2! My feet are so big they look like skis'!!! 

When I was in high school I started to compete in Beauty Pageants, and would walk around the house for weeks on end, practicing and perfecting my" High Heel" walk in my competition shoes.

So I  feel that I have respected the "Power Of The Shoe" for most of my life.

 But some of you are just not respecting the power of the shoe!

Now, I talked with a friend tonight who reminded me that we ALL have had those nights where we have tried to wear a new pair of shoes out with an awesome outfit, and ended the evening GIMPIN' around town, looking ridiculous and spending the next day wearing house slippers and looking through the medicine cabinet for water pills and band aids to alleviate the swelling and add protection to your blistered pinky toes...It happens. And sometimes there's just no way around it...

 It  happens to all of us ... and yes, it has happened to me.

What I just CAN NOT deal with, is seeing beautiful women, who are dressed to the NINES, who have clearly spent a lot of time getting ready, grooming, and accessorizing... but  haven't bothered to take the time to learn how to walk in their SHOES!

Ladies, nothing ruins how hot you look in your outfit more than wobbling, and stomping around town in shoes that you just can't walk in.

This brings me to my  ultimate point here. If you think you truly LOVE a pair of shoes, and you are committing to wearing them out for an entire evening, you must be sure to that you love them enough to learn how to walk in them! Or, just wear something else!

At this cool fashion show that a lot of people had clearly worked very hard on, I saw girls "model" some really cute clothes and accessories. But unfortunately what me and several of my friends in attendance remember most is how poorly the models walked their high heels.

So ladies, I leave you with this very important final thought.... please, please, PLEASE respect the power of the shoe!!!!!!!! They can change your mood, complete your outfit, help you gain an extra 3- 6 inches in height...  or they can make everyone who sees you walking badly in them remember absolutely nothing more about you than the fact that you WERE WALKING BADLY! So, spend a little time getting comfortable with your shoes... and please RESPECT their power!!!!!!

I leave you with a few more examples of how truly tragic this can be... even sometimes for highly trained professionals...


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  1. Crystal! Too funny! I am so with you on this one. I always wear new shoes around the house until I get used to them if they have a different heel or height or angle. The other day I got caught in yoga pants and gold Steve Maddens by my neighbor going to the laundry room in the basement.