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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today, I Surrendered My Brush...

Today I Surrendered My  Brush…

Most of my life, I’ve been a little bit of a control freak. I learned how to do a lot of things myself out of necessity at times, and sometimes- Just because, darn it… I wanted to be the one doing it. But sometimes when you let others take over, you’ll find you MAY JUST LIKE what you can learn from them… and it may not be what you were expecting to learn at all. Sometimes, it’s what they end up teaching you about yourself…

A couple of days ago my good friends Chuck and Kristina Arlund contacted me. Chuck is an incredible photographer who “anyone who is anyone” is lucky to work with - much less 'lil ol' me! His specialty is High Fashion, and he is a lighting EXPERT. (To find out when he is teaching another workshop visit his site  - See Chuck's Website Here ) His wife is a phenomenal make-up artist (with MAC Cosmetics) who I worked with several years ago when I was working as a full time make-up artist for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. 
Well, anytime Chuck calls, if you are can - you answer. First of all, because he and Kristina are just wonderful people who are a joy to be around , and  2nd , even with all of their experience in their respective fields… they are still a  very sweet, happily married- just celebrated their 10th anniversary- couple. And 3rd, because they are both incredibly talented!

Well, this time when he called, it was to invite me to work with he and Kristina and one of his fave wardrobe stylists,  Abigail Franklin on a High Fashion Editorial shoot in Franklin, TN today.  What a GREAT experience. Of course I would want to be involved with that! Who wouldn’t??

I surrendered my make-up brushes from full-time make-up artistry several years ago… but I have kept my toes in the “pool of make-up” out of sheer interest and because I LOVE being “in the know” on the latest and hottest things in beauty products… It’s just such a fun, and interesting industry. I mean, who doesn’t pick up the latest Vogue, Instyle, or Bazzar and wonder… “How do they do that hairstyle? What lip color is that? Who designed that dress? “  And, believe me, as much as I have traveled the past few years, I have a BEAUTIFUL collection of ‘airport magazines’.  So I digress…

I pretty much do my own make-up for just about everything… but this was a high fashion shoot.
So, today I Surrendered MY Brushes!

But, that’s not to say it wasn’t difficult to do…

Now I know that after working for MAC for at least 8 years, countless free- lance jobs, and being married to a photographer… Kristina is more than capable and qualified to do anyone’s make-up. But this was quite a moment for me to comfortably sit down in the chair, wipe my “FACE” off, and just let her do her THANG!
The most flattering part of this process was Kristina laughing when I first got there saying, “I told Chuck – ‘Do you know how intimidated I am to do her make-up! This girl is such a perfectionist with make-up she used to separate her lashes with straight pin!” hahahah… well, I’m not that meticulous anymore… who has the time?? But I am still very particular… so I get that she would be a little concerned with my reaction to someone else taking over.  

But, let's face it, I’m not really a HIGH FASHION make-up artist anymore- I’m more of a general beauty guru, but high fashion is a whole different territory- this shoot involved me sporting a pair of Yves St Laurent Platform Patent Leather Stiletto Mary Janes, (and quite frankly, at that point, I was just THRILLED that I could fit my BEHIND into almost all of  the clothes they brought! Prior to discovering that little tid-bit, I was mentally prepared to be photographed in the yoga pants I had worn there, since this type of shoot might normally involve a girl who is 5'11" and 102 lbs - and let's just say THAT AIN'T ME! :)

 So I’m pretty sure I just said yes, and thank you to anything that came my way!  …
AND ,this was all about creating art, RIGHT? 

So I took her moist make-up wipe, removed my make-up and watched someone remind me of why being  a personal part of creating ART (in any form) can change your perspective on creating your own art.  I feel all artists often look to a medium that may not be their own to inspire different and interesting ways to approach their personal art.   Chuck would  literally light up today when he would hear Joan Jett on the stereo and his whole attitude toward a shot would change… This was such a fun thing to observe. Her art, made his art better…Hmmmm…. 

So  today for me, was all about letting go of control (which,  is borderline impossible at times) and just letting someone, or others in general, guide me, INSPIRE me, and remind me that sometimes, in order to  continue to grow we need to learn from others and sometimes in order to learn you just have to sit back & enjoy the ride!

 It was a blast, and from just the pics taken from Kristina’s IPHONE (below) seiously, these are just from her IPHONE! – It has certainly proven to be an insightful and intriguing experience all the way around!

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