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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Sad/Happy Day

Today was an awesome day and sad day.

The happy was writing having a great time writing with my friend Eddie and with my Brian...


I'm Sad because my momma left to go back home to Louisiana.

Now I have to preface this with the story of what happened when she first got here. She left the same day that Brian and I left his family’s home in Houston after the New Year to head back to Nashville. It’s an 11-12 hour drive for us from Houston and about a 10 hour drive for momma from my hometown of Cheneyville, LA. When we got about 4 hours from Nashville, my mom had made it almost to our house.  About this time Brian’s car decided to DIE! In the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, lucky to find anyone with more than 2 teeth, Arkansas…

After many trials and tribulations a very nice towing company helped us out and towed us to a hotel, and then took Brian’s car to the local dealership where they informed him the next morning that it would be at least another day and more than $1500 in parts and labor.

So my mom took off at 7am, drove the 4 hours there to pick us up so I could make it back to Nashville so that Brian could get back to work, and so I could get back to Nashville in time for my surgery.. So this was another 8 hour round trip for her. UGH! I'm sure she was just overjoyed...

Then she spent the next several days stuck in the hospital and the house with my miserable ass!  Good times for her for sure. I was offering to try to have her “Sainted” after all of this!

It’s been two weeks and I pretty much haven’t had a moment alone, so I thought that I would really be enjoying this time I’m finally getting to myself tonight… and in a lot of ways I am. I’m the type of person who definitely benefits from my own alone time… often. But now, the house is REALLY quiet and as usual when my mom leaves, I’m a little sad. 

We have spent a lot more time together this year than we have in the past 6 or 7 years, as I have gone home a lot more as we have been dealing with her recovery from a VERY aggressive Stage 2 Breast Cancer. And of course we can still fuss and argue and get on each other’s ever last beloved nerve… but we are also closer than we have ever been. I am so grateful to know that I still have her, and that as terrified as I was to go through my first serious surgery, I am so happy to know that I had my mom with me. I am surrounded by an incredible support system of friends and loved ones. But when I feel like absolute S#%t, I still just want my momma!

So, I’m pretty much all better now… but I’m still missing her.

But the happy part of the day came with some new music.  I had a writing appointment with my good buddy Eddie Heinzleman. He and I have written several songs together, he’s an amazing guitar player, and he played guitar for me for several years during the “good ol days” of singing FOUR HOUR solo acoustic shows at a club here in Nashville.  I haven’t seen him in forever, and after catching up for about an hour we ended up writing a song that Brian and I had started working on almost 2 years ago and just never finished – We had the basic melody, a few lyrics, and an idea for the “story” of the song, but just never found the time to complete it… and a few hours today with Eddie, and voila!! It was a blast, we had a great time, and I caught some of it on video while we were recording a ‘rough work session’ on it…

So overall it was the perfect Sad/Happy day…
Here is the link to the video site as soon as it is through uploading...


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