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Monday, February 7, 2011

Bat Those Incredibly FALSE Lashes!

Bat Those Incredibly False Lashes!
(Video Tutorial Below)

So, every time you see a photo in a magazine, a commercial on tv, or a pic of a celebrity on the red carpet and think…" I WANT TO HAVE THOSE EYELASHES!" 
These are clearly NOT her lashes... but they look amazing!

Well, ladies, you are NOT alone, So DOES She!!!!!! As with a LOT of things in the beauty industry… 

They are usually FAKE!   

Now here is my biggest problem...  MASCARA  ADS! They are almost all using FAKE LASHES to promote the actual mascara… as if you could EVER get those crazy long, thick, and perfectly separated  lashes just from the mascara! Even if it's a great mascara - THIS look requires a little "outside help"...

My favorite new mascara that really does give you fuller, thicker, longer lashes, but NOTHING LIKE THE ONES IN THIS AD that is clearly using actual FALSE EYELASHES

What they should be saying is… “Ladies, this is a great mascara – But if you REALLY want Kim Kardashian or Eva Longoria Parker’s lashes… you should do what their make-up artists do, and just GLUE THEM ON!

Kim Kardashian with and without her infamous False lashes

Eva Longoria Parker with and without some SERIOUS FALSE LASHES

Now I don’t recommend that everyone needs to wear false lashes all the time, but for a special occasion, a photo shoot, an evening out, or just for fun it... they can add a huge boost to the overall look of your eyes. 

There are MANY different types of false lashes. You can choose -

Individual Lashes

Partial Lashes

Strip Lashes

I personally find the easiest to apply, that are the most effective for just about anyone to use are Strip lashes...

Follow this simple tutorial here to learn how to easily apply False (Strip) Eyelashes.


  1. Great tutorial, Thanks! Now, if I could just get the hubster to take me out someplace nice (that doesn't have a mechanical bull) where I could show off my new found eye makeup skill that would be awesome!